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Why Give a Gift to Clients During the Holiday Season?

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Giving a gift during the holiday season can have a meaningful impact on your clients, maybe more than you even realize. Here are five reasons to give a gift to your clients and business associates during the holiday season.

1) Show you are thinking of them. Giving a gift during the holiday season tells your important clients and business associates that you care.

2) Keep your business top-of-mind. Being top-of-mind can have a significant impact on referrals and future business opportunities.

3) Send holiday cheer and lift people’s spirits; enhance the season's festivities.

4) Express gratitude for your relationship by giving a personalized gift and note.

5) Value and respect your clients by being generous and open-hearted.

SPICE + LEAF offers a variety of options at diverse price points. Our 2023 Corporate Holiday Gift Catalog is here to inspire and help you select the perfect gift. Select from any of our offerings or create your personalized gift. For more details click on the Corporate Gift Catalog below or email us at


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