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Our mission is to provide flavorful spice blends, using the highest quality plant-based ingredients sourced from around the world, so you can create the most delicious food even when you are short on time. SPICE + LEAF, a premium spice company, makes cooking easy by offering a wide variety of products that can transform a meal offering maximum flavor in every bite. We know how important it is to put clean, healthy food into our bodies and SPICE + LEAF ensures that our products are vegan, kosher, and without preservatives.

Shawarma Salmon



Debbie Kornberg headshot

Meet Founder & CEO

SPICE + LEAF was founded by Debbie Kornberg, spice expert and entrepreneur who is passionate about cooking and making healthy meals for her family and friends. 

We Make Cooking Easy!

Using SPICE + LEAF premium spice blends, we make your cooking quick and easy.  Though matter what your eating lifestyle, spices play an important role to add flavor to your food!

Assortment of spice jars containing various aromatic seasonings and herbs for culinary use

Photo by Cooking the Books

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