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Beet Carpaccio with Orange Segments 

served on an Arugula Salad

Beet Carpaccio with Orange Segments 

By Debbie Kornberg

This easy to prepare dish has a wonderful tangy flavor when using the 18 year aged white balsamic! Perfect for a family meal or when entertaining!

(Serves 4-6) 


1 large beet 

1 orange, peeled and cut into segments

3 cups arugula

Pinch of salt

1/4 cup pistachios, chopped

1/3 cup crumbled goat cheese

2 Tbsp. SPICE + LEAF Galili Olive Oil

2 Tbsp. SPICE + LEAF 18-Year Aged White Balsamic Vinegar


First rinse beets and cook (unpeeled) in oven at 450 degrees for approx. 40 - 60 min. or until tender. Allow beets to cool for 5 - 10 minutes. You might want to wear gloves for this part to protect your hands from turning red. Using a paring knife, peel skin off outside. Then, using a mandolin with the protective cover. Slice beets paper thin. Once done set aside. 


Using a paring knife and cutting board, cut the top and bottom of the orange to create a flat surface. Place orange on the flat side. Next, cut skin off orange, leaving only round flesh of the fruit. Each piece of fruit should still have a round shape to it. Make sure there is no remaining white pith around fruit. Then carefully slice each segment of the orange in between the sections of the membrane. Gently remove the fruit in between the membrane and place on a paper towel to remove excess juice. Set side.

Using a platter, place arugula on the platter. Drizzle olive oil on top of the arugula. Then gently place beet carpaccio slices on top of the arugula. Then lay orange segments around the place. Drizzle18-Year Aged White Balsamic on top. Next, sprinkle goat cheese and pistachios around salad. Ready to serve.

18 Year Aged White Balsamic

18 Year Aged White Balsamic

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