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Black Truffle Salted Butter with Pink Peppercorns

By Chef Ming Adler

This easy winner of a recipe is always a hit when hosting company and want to add a little extra special touch with your bread basket. Be prepared, it is REALLY GOOD.


8oz unsalted butter

1 Tbsp. SPICE + LEAF Infused White Truffle Oil

½ tsp. SPICE + LEAF Black Truffle Salt

½ tsp. SPICE + LEAF Pink Peppercorns, crushed

1Tbsp. SPICE + LEAF Thyme


1. Let butter soften.

2. Place butter in a bowl along with truffle salt and crushed pink peppercorns. 3. 3. Combine all ingredients. 

 4. Using wax paper, roll butter into a log, and rest in fridge. You can also place compound butter in a ramekin dish and place in fridge. 

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